Audio released from pilots’ reported UFO sighting

The pilots of two commercial planes flying over the Arizona desert reported seeing a UFO overhead, according to communications released by the Federal Aviation Administration.


“Was anybody, uh, above us that passed us like 30 seconds ago?” a Learjet pilot asked an air-traffic controller in Albuquerque on Feb. 24, WSMV reported.

“Negative,” the controller replied.


“OK,” the pilot said. “Something did.”

“A UFO!” someone quickly responded.

“Yeah,” the pilot said with a chuckle.

Moments later, the controller alerted the crew of an American Airlines plane flying in the area.

“American 1095, uh, let me know if, uh, you anything pass over you here in the next, uh, 15 miles,” the controller said.

“Let you know if anything passes over?” the pilot replied.

“American 1095, affirmative,” the controller said. “We had an aircraft in front of you that reported something pass over him and, uh, we didn’t have any targets. So just, uh, let me know if you see anything pass over you.”

“All right,” the pilot replied shortly before witnessing the same mysterious object.

“It’s American 1095. Yeah, something just passed over us,” the pilot said. “I don’t know what it was, but at least two-three thousand feet above us. Yeah, it passed right over the top of us.”

The airline referred all questions to the FAA, whose spokesman suggested the UFO wasn’t necessarily something out of this world.

“We have a close working relationship with a number of other agencies and safely handle military aircraft and civilian aircraft of all types in that area every day, including high-altitude weather balloons,” the spokesperson said.