Businessman who made fortune in healthy eating blames his own diet for attack on nightclub bouncers

The founder of health food chain Tossed has blamed his own diet for a drunken attack on nightclub bouncers.


McKevitt said his diet was “a form of starvation” which made him less able to handle his alcohol.

Vincent McKevitt, 38, had to be dragged out of a Chelsea nightclub after being told off for using the fire exit, resulting in him punching one doorman in the face and hitting another on the back of the head.


City of London magistrates heard how the businessman, who has made his fortune from healthy eating, blamed his diet for the incident on December 9 as it was “a form of starvation” which made him less able to handle his alcohol.

His lawyer Hector MacLean-Watt said: “He admits he was under the influence of alcohol at the time, but his diet is a form of starvation and lowers alcohol tolerance considerably.

“It was an uncivilised and deplorable way to behave and is a salutary lesson. He is remorseful and deeply embarrassed by his behaviour that night.”

The Tossed website says the business aims to provide lean protein and low carbs whilst getting your five-a-day.

McKevitt pleaded guilty at City of London Magistrates Court to assaulting club bouncers Frazer Chamberlain, 28, and Mo Chowdhury, 23, at Cuban-themed Embargo Republica in King’s Road.

He had reportedly intended to deny the assault charges but pleaded guilty after seeing damning CCTV footage of the incident.

“It demonstrates to him how drunk he was and portrays him in an unfavourable light”, added Mr MacLean-Watt. “Seeing that video, he says: ‘Gosh, was I that bad?’”.

Mr Chamberlain said the incident began when McKevitt “pushed a fire exit door in the face of a female security guard, and when she tried to explain he could not go through he became aggressive.

“He was saying he could buy out the club and pay our wages for a year.”

Prosecutor Sharon Michaels said McKevitt was then asked to leave the club because “he had been drinking too much, he was drunk and because of his behaviour”.

Described as a “successful, driven, conscientious businessman”, the 38-year-old remained sat inside the club before had to be dragged out Mr Chowdhury.

Sentencing him to a 12-month community order and 250 hours of community service, magistrate Mena Rego said: “This offence was clearly fuelled by alcohol. The offence was aggravated by the fact you were drunk and the victims provide a service to the public.”

Mr Chamberlain said afterwards: “He’s probably the foulest person I’ve ever met.”

McKevitt, who lives in a £2m apartment at Coleridge Gardens, West Brompton was also ordered to pay each victim £150 compensation, £620 costs and a £115 victim surcharge.

Salad bar chain Tossed has 14 central London locations, plus outlets in Westfield Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford and six motorway service stations.

McKevitt founded the business with one Paddington store in 2005, two years after graduating with a first in business studies from the University of the West of England.

The company enjoys a multi-million pound annual turnover and recently opened two cafes in Dubai.