Chrissy Teigen says she’s ‘not good with the Bible’

Chrissy Teigen needs to brush up on her Bible studies.


The model, whose husband is portraying Jesus in the upcoming live version of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” admitted on Twitter to confusing “lepers” with “leopards.”

Chrissy Teigen wrote on Twitter that she confused “leopards” with “lepers.”  (Reuters)


“John said there would be leopards today,” Teigen tweeted on Monday. “But it’s lepers. I uh, am not good with the Bible.”

Teigen posted the photos before visiting her husband, singer John Legend, on the set of NBC’s upcoming live version of the hit musical.

“Heading to Jesus Christ Superstar rehearsals! Jesus flies today. I gotta see this,” tweeted Teigen.

The special also features rocker Alice Cooper as King Herod, Ben Daniels as Pontius Pilate and Sara Bareilles as Mary Magdalene.

Cooper recently spoke about his inspiration for playing Herod, which he first played in a 1996 London production of the play.

He revealed that his inspiration for the role comes from Alan Rickman’s portrayal of Professor Snape in “Harry Potter.”

“When I first heard about it, I thought Alan Rickman — that condescending sort of arrogant character —  and I kind of fashioned what I would do after what I thought Alan Rickman would do if he were alive,” he told the New York Daily News’ Confidential on Sunday.

And unlike Teigen who appears to have little knowledge of scripture, Cooper said he studies the Bible daily and attends church every Sunday.

“My wife and I are both Christian,” the 70-year-old said. “My father was a pastor, my grandfather was an evangelist. I grew up in the church, went as far away as I could from it — almost died — and then came back to the church.”